Consider it…

With my project list not showing any signs of slimming down, I felt inspired to sew last weekend.  Leaving the fabric laid over the arm of a chair for a couple of months had done nothing to fire up my enthusiasm.  However, last week’s post reminded me of my passion for sewing and was enough to motivate me to get out my sewing machine and start to make something.

It also felt good to focus on the process of making rather than anticipating the outcome. The movement of my new scissors as I cut my fabric.  The purr of my 25 year-old sewing machine as I stitch the seams.  The flow of my needle and thread as I hand-stitch my hems.  I’ve not quite finished my sewing project, but I’m still reflecting on the thrill of bringing together individual ingredients to make something new, rather than altering or mending clothes out of necessity.  And when I do return to my sewing machine, when my schedule allows it, consider it done.

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All You Need Is Love

Perhaps I’ve been looking at things the wrong way. Perhaps I shouldn’t be focusing on my fear of drawing or my learned procrastination habit, my poor time management or my growing pile of ironing.

When I heard someone say “I’m passionate about…” something clicked.  As soon as I thought about my own passions, a smile started to appear on my face.  I’m passionate about drawing, especially life-drawing, but I also love sewing and baking, knitting and soup-making.  Perhaps I should remind myself of that every morning, then the day’s events might make way for the many loves of my life.

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Something’s Gotta Give

I’m sorry I took a break from writing / wasn’t inspired to write (delete as appropriate) last week, and I wonder if I’ve failed either you or me.  But if I also admit to staying away from / ignoring / avoiding (again, delete as appropriate) my creative projects for well over a week now, do you still forgive me?

Okay, I admit I’m kinda afraid of drawing, although I’m not quite sure what aspect of drawing I’m afraid of.  But I haven’t been to my life drawing class for a few weeks (due to current work commitments) so I’m overflowing with guilt and well out of practice.

We’ve also started house-hunting (online and in the car), so my focus has been elsewhere.  The irony is we’re looking for somewhere with a space I can use as a studio.  But that won’t be much use if I’m not creating anything.  Something’s got to give.

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I’ve Started So I’ll …

I’m not particularly good at finishing things. Mr C often calls me Half-a-Job as I’m so easily distracted, or simply run out of time.

Back in October last year, I signed up for the five-week Do What You Love E-Course, but found it difficult to answer some of the questions being asked.  Here are my answers to some of the easier ones:

If your life story so far was a book, which section of the bookshop would it be categorised in?  Thriller/Suspense

What would the book be called?  Woman Interrupted

Who would endorse it, and what would their quote be?  Mr C:

“One woman’s struggle to make it (to the very end).”

Taking inspiration from Anne Butera of the blog My Giant Strawberry, my word for the year is going to be


I’ve already finished some simple sewing projects (I’m not thinking about the half-finished ones just yet).  Trouble is, I feel like I can achieve anything, and the temptation to get several more projects out at once is still there.  I’m resisting at the moment; I want to revel in the satisfaction of completing a creative task before I attend to the next one. So, they’ll just have to stay hidden away for now. As the saying goes, Out of sight…

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Not Quite a New Year

Several things I’ll be doing in 2017:

Although I won’t be writing my New Year Resolutions until March, I have hopes of a simpler yet more creatively focused 2017.

For me, 2016 was a bit of a learning curve, not least because I launched Filbert & Smudge, and committed to several creative challenges, some being more successful than others.  I discovered charcoal, watercolour, and watersoluble graphite, and attempted a little character design and urban sketching.  I still have three months to work on this year’s challenges, but writing my weekly posts has given me a new optimism.  And it’s time to take this prolific creativity thing more seriously, hence the blog redesign.

A new year brings new promises and possibilities, and with less clutter to challenge my attention I’ll be trying out some of those pencils I mentioned.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.

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