Hesitantly Happy

Having only managed one attendance so far this year, last night I braved the weather and went for my weekly life-drawing fix. It’s refreshing to draw a model who understands how to pose well to make the drawing more of a challenge, and yesterday I had the joy of drawing a gentleman who often models for our two-hour nude classes.  For yesterday’s one-hour class he was wearing shorts.

These first three drawings were one-minute warm-ups, and you can tell my technique relaxes with each one.  My third sketch was definitely the most successful of the three (fewer lines, more punch).


Then we switched to two twenty-minute seated/laid down poses.  With my enthusiasm I managed to elongate the model’s body in this first drawing.  My second attempt (bottom) was much more accurately captured (and carefully planned).



Sometimes you just need to hold back with your mark-making until you understand what’s going on in front of you.  Look with your eyes rather than your pencil, and it helps to do a little measuring, too!

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Lost in Translation

Sometimes my drawing hand seems to misinterpret what my eyes see and what my brain is telling it to put down on the page…


…and sometimes it gets it spot on…


These are from last night’s life-drawing class (in consecutive order).  Drawing isn’t so easy when you have a headache, but it teaches you to up the concentration and curb the zeal.

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Art Prof Art Dare

Do all aspiring artists carry a sketchbook in their bag?

Having now completed the November Art Prof Art Dare: The Things We Carry, I realise that’s one thing I don’t often add to my bag, and probably should.  I change my bag and purses regularly, and this is the one I’m currently using, but even I was surprised at what I’m lugging around with me.

Clockwise: I carry a card purse, coin purse, packet of tissues, make-up bag (which contains earplugs, hand cream, eyebrow brush, lip gloss, nail file and toothpick); my very old un-smart phone (I love it!); paracetamol, lipstick, lip balm tin, medicated lip cream, notebook, foldaway shopper, two crystals (for positivity), a pen, tape measure and a pocket diary.

Keeping to just four colours, I drew this in Derwent Graphitint – the colours really jumped off the page when I lightly sprayed them with water (see above).  Sadly, some of my drawing smudged when it got too wet, but I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and have started using another bag (and purse, and pen, and so on!) so I can keep on drawing from this still life.

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The Weight on My Shoulder

Art Prof November Dare 2016

When was the last time you emptied the contents of your daily baggage and considered why you’re still carrying so much stuff?

I challenge you to sift through your own carry-all just to remind yourself of what’s been weighing you down over the last few weeks, months, or even years. Whether your audit is a metaphorical or physical one, you may be surprised by the results.

It’s one thing to acknowledge your travel companions, but how long have you been travelling together without noticing each other? Did they join you as a convenience, or a just-in-case, or were they once a real necessity, now forgotten?

As someone who likes to clear out my own handbag on a regular basis, even I was surprised I’d been carrying so much around with me. So far, I’ve only managed to outline the contents for this month’s Art Prof Dare. I have an image in my head of how I’d like my final drawing to look, but as I remind myself to focus on the feel of the pencil in my hand while I draw the bits and bobs in front of me, it doesn’t matter whether or not I like the final result, I’ve bridged another creative gap by making another drawing.

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