Two Dereks

Derek 19.08.17

Two quick ink sketches of Derek in his birthday suit.  On the left, I used a cotton bud to capture tones; on the right I used a paintbrush and focussed on outline.

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Life in Sketches


Sketchbook play from my weekly life-drawing class.

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I Dare You!

Art Prof’s new website The beginning of a new month welcomes the next Art Prof Art Dare, and it’s an unusual but interesting one.

Sadly, I never even made an attempt to doodle my thoughts for last month’s Art Dare, so I’m totting up unfinished challenges as fast as I’m completing them.  I had a couple of ideas for the March Dare, but with so many other demands, I didn’t factor in any creative time.  Oops!

So, this month, we’re being challenged to draw at least two self-portraits using only line, to represent the contrasting sides of our personalities.  I like the theme of this challenge, for its hint of conceptual art and focus on line rather than form.  Fortunately there are also a couple of examples on the Art Prof’s new website for inspiration.  I have amassed numerous sketchbooks over the years, so would like to attempt a few drawings just to try out the different papers.  Well, I did resolve to become prolifically creative.  Now, where did I put the calendar?

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Hesitantly Happy

Having only managed one attendance so far this year, last night I braved the weather and went for my weekly life-drawing fix. It’s refreshing to draw a model who understands how to pose well to make the drawing more of a challenge, and yesterday I had the joy of drawing a gentleman who often models for our two-hour nude classes.  For yesterday’s one-hour class he was wearing shorts.

These first three drawings were one-minute warm-ups, and you can tell my technique relaxes with each one.  My third sketch was definitely the most successful of the three (fewer lines, more punch).


Then we switched to two twenty-minute seated/laid down poses.  With my enthusiasm I managed to elongate the model’s body in this first drawing.  My second attempt (bottom) was much more accurately captured (and carefully planned).



Sometimes you just need to hold back with your mark-making until you understand what’s going on in front of you.  Look with your eyes rather than your pencil, and it helps to do a little measuring, too!

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Your Art IS Valid

Doodles 26_01_17Sitting behind my table at a careers’ fair yesterday, waiting for the mass of teenagers to erupt into the room, I took the opportunity to ‘draw’ the other exhibitors as they also passed the time.  Although not yet a comfortable doodler I found secretive drawing of my neighbours quite fun.

My last art college was there dishing out prospectuses and encouragement by way of souvenirs with “Your Art Is Valid” on them.  A well-timed reminder if ever there was one.

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