Happy Year Ahead

“Build milestones on the road ahead… Because the more finish lines you set, the more moments of pride you’ll be able to celebrate. Not only does that feel good, it will motivate you.”

Eric Barker, …How To Create Happy Memories…

I’ve wished so many people a “Happy New Year” over this past week, yet I don’t think I’ve ever wished it to myself.

As I looked back over my 2017 posts for the last two-weeks’ annual review, I realised how many big goals I’d set myself, and how bad I felt for not honouring them… I’m still planning a blog redesign, by the way.

So, I’m taking Eric’s advice and setting a few more finish lines this year, rather than just one major one that might just be a few steps too far (and this post is the first one done).

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All for One?

I’m almost done.  My casual winter wardrobe is set aside, and I’m reviewing a few other items that I haven’t worn for a while.  The rest will have to wait until spring beckons.

Focusing in on just one project isn’t such a bad idea.  I see that now.  Picking a wardrobe category and giving it my full attention has helped me get close to this particular finish line.  But I’m not sure whether I could approach my creative work in the same way.

  • How do I balance building my technical skills with the joy of exploring an illustration or design project?
  • What if I get stuck?
  • How do I make the smooth transition from one finished project to a brand new one?

Seeing how my wardrobe has benefited from my (almost) undivided attention, I’m sure my sketchbook would appreciate some quality time with me, too.

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As I siphoned off a capsule collection of warm clothes this week for my chilly weather wardrobe (brrr), I wondered whether minimising my choices would improve my focus and save me time.

If so, would this strategy work elsewhere, too?

At the moment I do little bits here and there, but it’s not enough.  I wonder how to gain focus, keep on top of everything, reduce the time I spend on routine stuff, make my creative work count, and do much more of it so progress happens in hours instead of weeks.  And a question keeps popping into my head:

…what’s the minimum you’ll accept, the minimum you’ll be happy with?

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Toile Tomorrow

As I (attempt to) squeeze even more freshly-pressed garments into my already full wardrobe, I’m reminded of my resolution to end the year with less than I started it with. With only December left to go I’m thinking of the plans I had for 2017, and the many distractions that got in my way.

However, there’s still December left, that’s 31 days to get a head start on a New Year Resolution, or just to start something to celebrate at the end of the year.  For me, it’s a wardrobe review and watercolour play.

With a noticeable difference between each season here in the UK, I like the idea of building a unique wardrobe for each one.  So, my idea is to start with a basic template which I can alter to reflect the person I want to be.

Today I also restarted my daily drawing habit.  I’m taking a methodical approach to watercolour so when I know the basics I can alter it to fit.

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A Moment’s Notice

Sometimes we just need a moment to notice where we are, how we got there, and where we’re heading next.

It might also help to clear any clutter that’s blocking our path (or distracting us from it).

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