I Dare You!

Art Prof’s new website The beginning of a new month welcomes the next Art Prof Art Dare, and it’s an unusual but interesting one.

Sadly, I never even made an attempt to doodle my thoughts for last month’s Art Dare, so I’m totting up unfinished challenges as fast as I’m completing them.  I had a couple of ideas for the March Dare, but with so many other demands, I didn’t factor in any creative time.  Oops!

So, this month, we’re being challenged to draw at least two self-portraits using only line, to represent the contrasting sides of our personalities.  I like the theme of this challenge, for its hint of conceptual art and focus on line rather than form.  Fortunately there are also a couple of examples on the Art Prof’s new website for inspiration.  I have amassed numerous sketchbooks over the years, so would like to attempt a few drawings just to try out the different papers.  Well, I did resolve to become prolifically creative.  Now, where did I put the calendar?

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Art Prof Art Dare

My pen wasn’t firing particularly rapidly as I drew these doodles (having done my ‘thinking’ in pencil first).  However, I’ve entered this month’s Art Prof Art Dare (pat on the back), and have a few more charts to complete before the deadline.

Art Prof Art Dare February 2017

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On Your Marks!

Another month, another Art Prof Art Dare.

This month’s challenge is going to be quite different to the previous four (of which I have, as yet, only completed two: a self-portrait, and a still-life).

To enter February’s Rapid Fire Drawing Dare, draw a 2D response to all nine words on at least one of the ten charts available on the Art Prof website.  Here’s a few I did earlier…


These doodles were from Day 28 of Adam Sicinski’s fantastic (and free) IQ Doodle 40-day doodle course.

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Not Quite a New Year

Several things I’ll be doing in 2017:

Although I won’t be writing my New Year Resolutions until March, I have hopes of a simpler yet more creatively focused 2017.

For me, 2016 was a bit of a learning curve, not least because I launched Filbert & Smudge, and committed to several creative challenges, some being more successful than others.  I discovered charcoal, watercolour, and watersoluble graphite, and attempted a little character design and urban sketching.  I still have three months to work on this year’s challenges, but writing my weekly posts has given me a new optimism.  And it’s time to take this prolific creativity thing more seriously, hence the blog redesign.

A new year brings new promises and possibilities, and with less clutter to challenge my attention I’ll be trying out some of those pencils I mentioned.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.

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Is Procrastination Just an Excuse?

It wasn’t until someone added “procrastination” to my vocabulary that I knew there was an actual word for it.  Before then I just thought I was easily distracted, my attention being willingly drawn to something infinitely easier, more interesting, or less discomforting.

The November Art Prof Dare was an easy one.

The Things We Carry: “…an artwork of the bag you carry most often [which] must include all of the items inside the bag”.  2 November 2016

Art Prof Clara Lieu (ClaraLieu.Wordpress.com)

A drawing of a still-life.  Directly observed.  Straightforward, especially for someone who regularly attends life-drawing class.  And yet I still felt anxious.  Rather than setting up my own handbag still-life, I found myself doing web searches for procrastination cures.

Yes, I know.

When I realised the irony, I shutdown my computer, grabbed my handbag, and tipped out the contents.  And when I started to draw the things in front of me, I felt a physical change, like a switch being flicked…

All the years I’ve described myself as a procrastinator, have I just been lying to myself?  Have I been justifying my self-imposed label, fulfilling my own prophecy by acting it out?  Perhaps I just needed to gently nudge the switch within from “Hold on” to “Go! Go! Go!”.

What’s your excuse?

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