Mini Marathons


Timing is everything when you set yourself a dozen deadlines in one day.

My daily drawing habit has slipped.  But I know I can do it again, if I follow my own advice.  More recently housework has kept me distracted for the best part of a morning, so it’s usually mid-afternoon before I settle down to draw, if at all.

To quicken my pace I’ve been setting a 20-minute timer.  It’s amazing how much you get done when you know you have a deadline; you make every second count.  I’m allowing myself short bursts of housework alternated with creative work.  I’m getting better at not putting off, and scheduling ‘mini marathons’ of activity is helping me get more done in a day.

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Skeletons in the Snow

Troutbeck in snow

This was the view from our Cumbrian cottage last week; no two days of weather were alike.  I loved the dark shapes of the skeletal trees against the snow-covered hills, and attempted to simplify their shapes with a retractable pencil in my pocket sketchbook.

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A Backward’s Glance (2)

Some more things I learned this year:

If you don’t book them, they won’t happen – a 2016 retrospective, and a 2017 wish list.

But a year is full of surprises – lessons through logo design: series round-up.

…especially when it comes to drawing – habitual change.

If you don’t know where you’re heading, draw yourself a map – how would you learn to draw?

I’m waiting for 2018 to reveal itself before I make any major commitments.  However, I know who to ask if I get stuck.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.

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A Backward’s Glance (1)

Some things I learned this year:

The smallest activity can make the biggest impact – the life-changing magic of tidying your smalls.

There’s more than one way to draw a drawing – one viewpoint, two outcomes.

The hardest challenges can turn out to be the most rewarding – learning through logo design (lesson 1 of 5).

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas.

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All for One?

I’m almost done.  My casual winter wardrobe is set aside, and I’m reviewing a few other items that I haven’t worn for a while.  The rest will have to wait until spring beckons.

Focusing in on just one project isn’t such a bad idea.  I see that now.  Picking a wardrobe category and giving it my full attention has helped me get close to this particular finish line.  But I’m not sure whether I could approach my creative work in the same way.

  • How do I balance building my technical skills with the joy of exploring an illustration or design project?
  • What if I get stuck?
  • How do I make the smooth transition from one finished project to a brand new one?

Seeing how my wardrobe has benefited from my (almost) undivided attention, I’m sure my sketchbook would appreciate some quality time with me, too.

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