Sparks Don’t Fly

What do you do when you’re stuck on something?  Do you sit through it until you work your way to the other side?  Or, do you walk away and allow yourself to be distracted by something else?

Tasked with developing an inspiring 20-minute careers’ presentation for primary school children, I got a spark of an idea while brushing my teeth one morning before work.  Four days’ later my reluctant colleague and I delivered my idea seven times in one day, and it was a hit with both the children and their teachers.  Even my colleague was buzzing with energy by the time we returned to work at the end of the day.

I’m trying the same approach with a dormant creative project, but I’m lacking sparks.  I have some character ideas I’ve been working on and (mostly) off for a few years.  But I’m struggling to ‘see’ them.  I know them well enough to be able to describe them in words, but the images are harder to get down on paper.  I’m also struggling with story ideas, for them, and keep looking for distractions.  Not a great start for my first picture book project!

The post Spark’s Don’t Fly first appeared on Filbert & Smudge.


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