Something’s Gotta Give

I’m sorry I took a break from writing / wasn’t inspired to write (delete as appropriate) last week, and I wonder if I’ve failed either you or me.  But if I also admit to staying away from / ignoring / avoiding (again, delete as appropriate) my creative projects for well over a week now, do you still forgive me?

Okay, I admit I’m kinda afraid of drawing, although I’m not quite sure what aspect of drawing I’m afraid of.  But I haven’t been to my life drawing class for a few weeks (due to current work commitments) so I’m overflowing with guilt and well out of practice.

We’ve also started house-hunting (online and in the car), so my focus has been elsewhere.  The irony is we’re looking for somewhere with a space I can use as a studio.  But that won’t be much use if I’m not creating anything.  Something’s got to give.

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