I’ve Started So I’ll …

I’m not particularly good at finishing things. Mr C often calls me Half-a-Job as I’m so easily distracted, or simply run out of time.

Back in October last year, I signed up for the five-week Do What You Love E-Course, but found it difficult to answer some of the questions being asked.  Here are my answers to some of the easier ones:

If your life story so far was a book, which section of the bookshop would it be categorised in?  Thriller/Suspense

What would the book be called?  Woman Interrupted

Who would endorse it, and what would their quote be?  Mr C:

“One woman’s struggle to make it (to the very end).”

Taking inspiration from Anne Butera of the blog My Giant Strawberry, my word for the year is going to be


I’ve already finished some simple sewing projects (I’m not thinking about the half-finished ones just yet).  Trouble is, I feel like I can achieve anything, and the temptation to get several more projects out at once is still there.  I’m resisting at the moment; I want to revel in the satisfaction of completing a creative task before I attend to the next one. So, they’ll just have to stay hidden away for now. As the saying goes, Out of sight…

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