Ghosts of Christmas Past

With Christmas (and a new year) not that far away, I’m reflecting on my annual challenge – to end the year with fewer possessions than I started it with. I’m unsure whether I’ve achieved it this year, despite going through every cupboard, drawer and box to look for forgotten things to sell or donate to charity.

I’ve completed this challenge for almost four years now, but the removal of excess isn’t so important to me anymore as I’ve discovered that decluttering has side-effects.  It’s given me space to refocus.  Physical and emotional space I didn’t know I needed.

I’m learning to love drawing again, but for many years it felt like a chore. I remember one Christmas I spent the afternoon attempting to sketch a chair (an exercise in Betty Edwards’ book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain).  But my heart wasn’t focused on it and I felt very glum, even embarrassed, at my efforts.  Thankfully, I’m rarely haunted by my fears and failures of drawing now.

Here’s to a peaceful Christmas.

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