Is Procrastination Just an Excuse?

It wasn’t until someone added “procrastination” to my vocabulary that I knew there was an actual word for it.  Before then I just thought I was easily distracted, my attention being willingly drawn to something infinitely easier, more interesting, or less discomforting.

The November Art Prof Dare was an easy one.

The Things We Carry: “…an artwork of the bag you carry most often [which] must include all of the items inside the bag”.  2 November 2016

Art Prof Clara Lieu (

A drawing of a still-life.  Directly observed.  Straightforward, especially for someone who regularly attends life-drawing class.  And yet I still felt anxious.  Rather than setting up my own handbag still-life, I found myself doing web searches for procrastination cures.

Yes, I know.

When I realised the irony, I shutdown my computer, grabbed my handbag, and tipped out the contents.  And when I started to draw the things in front of me, I felt a physical change, like a switch being flicked…

All the years I’ve described myself as a procrastinator, have I just been lying to myself?  Have I been justifying my self-imposed label, fulfilling my own prophecy by acting it out?  Perhaps I just needed to gently nudge the switch within from “Hold on” to “Go! Go! Go!”.

What’s your excuse?

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