Art Prof Art Dare

Do all aspiring artists carry a sketchbook in their bag?

Having now completed the November Art Prof Art Dare: The Things We Carry, I realise that’s one thing I don’t often add to my bag, and probably should.  I change my bag and purses regularly, and this is the one I’m currently using, but even I was surprised at what I’m lugging around with me.

Clockwise: I carry a card purse, coin purse, packet of tissues, make-up bag (which contains earplugs, hand cream, eyebrow brush, lip gloss, nail file and toothpick); my very old un-smart phone (I love it!); paracetamol, lipstick, lip balm tin, medicated lip cream, notebook, foldaway shopper, two crystals (for positivity), a pen, tape measure and a pocket diary.

Keeping to just four colours, I drew this in Derwent Graphitint – the colours really jumped off the page when I lightly sprayed them with water (see above).  Sadly, some of my drawing smudged when it got too wet, but I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and have started using another bag (and purse, and pen, and so on!) so I can keep on drawing from this still life.

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