Pressing Matters

Several things I’ve learned this week:

  • Imagining an ideal version of your life is easy; writing about it is hard
  • Procrastination is a choice, even if housework is the distraction
  • Writing a housework schedule just might be the most productive thing I’ve done this year
  • Excess [physical and emotional] baggage weighs you down
  • It’s surprising what we do carry with us
  • Brainstorming an art brief can trigger some exciting ideas

While keeping a clean and tidy house is good for the soul, it’s pointless if you’re punishing yourself for not drawing anything. So, recognising I use housework as a distraction, I thought I’d draft a schedule to spread the chores out more evenly.  This should free up some space in my head and in my day to get drawing again.  With two Art Prof Dares to complete, I brainstormed my thoughts for the October Dare – Your Future Self, using the words ‘wiser’, ‘older’, ‘richer’, and ‘stronger’ to get me started (photo to follow).  I’m currently drawn to three themes: ‘mementoes’, ‘feeling fearless’, and ‘squeezing back into a favourite pair of trousers’.  Any wonder why I’ve been keeping up with my ironing?!

The post Pressing Matters first appeared on Filbert and Smudge.


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