Drawing Lesson

It’s too easy for us to exclaim “I can’t [draw/bake/change a wheel]…”, but how do we know this if we’ve never tried? Where is the evidence to support our assertion?

Back in September I stated “I don’t know how to draw“. In fact, I do know how to draw in that I know how to hold a pencil or piece of charcoal, and use it to apply various marks on my paper.  But making marks and actually controlling them are two different things entirely, and I’m very aware (and critical) of the difference between the two.

By rephrasing my thoughts about what I do and don’t know (rather than what I can and can’t do) I trust I’ll be able to switch my negative self-commentary to constructive feedback.  I used to think that drawing was like riding a bike – once you learn you never forget.  But my recent experience has demonstrated that this isn’t true (for drawing or cycling!).

I’m giving myself permission to learn to draw again, perhaps a little differently this time, and with a lot more encouragement.

The post Drawing Lesson first appeared on Filbert & Smudge.


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