Holding Back

“Always start with what you dread the most.”

James Runcie, The Grantchester Mysteries: Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death

The anticipation is often more painful than the reality.  But procrastinating until it’s too late feels even worse.

Had I not put off brainstorming my ideas I would have had something to submit for the Art Prof October Art Dare: Your Future Self.  But I stumbled over the insignificant details – What size paper should I use? Coloured pens or a pencil? – And that was just for the initial brainstorm!

Are these genuine concerns, or am I really agonising over what follows that first step, or even what comes along much further down the line?  What I do know is that if I don’t take that first step (the easy one that doesn’t even involve drawing), I don’t even have to think about what comes next.  But there’s no adventure in standing still.

The guilt of not making any start (apart from running the perfect scenario through my head over and over) feels so much worse than staring out a blank page.  But with the start of a new month comes the launch of a new art dare, and I will be drawing for this one.  The brief is The Things We Carry, a direct observation of our daily baggage.  Hmmm… written this way I think it would make an intriguing conceptual brief.  So, what paper should I use for my brainstorm?  And will it be coloured pens or a pencil?!

As I’ve done very little drawing since my self-portrait I’m missing it a lot.  And I can’t let me get away with not doing my homework.  I’ll just have two drawings to hand in at the end of this month.

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