Sometimes it helps to step back from your easel, wardrobe, or even your life to get a better view of how things are going. We can get so focused on the details that we forget we’re in the process of creating a much bigger picture.  Just as in art class, distancing yourself with time or physical space can help you see things objectively.

Since posting my charcoal self-portrait a couple of weeks’ ago, I find myself revisiting it and picking out bits I’m not happy with. The same goes for my current wardrobe and creative routine.  I’m highlighting things that don’t quite meet my expectations, instead of acknowledging where I am now and building on this.

I’ll also admit that while drawing the left eye in my portrait (having already completed the right one) I got so focused on accuracy I didn’t even notice I’d drawn them looking in different directions until Mr C pointed this out to me!

So, I’m vacating my usual routine while I consider how I want my new life to look. It’s easy to pretend to be someone else while we’re actually on holiday.  But can we do a similar thing without going away?

The post Vacation first appeared on Filbert and Smudge.


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