Looking Back at Life

When was the last time you leafed through your old drawings, or even not-so-old ones, and reflected on how far you’ve travelled on your creative journey?

Having recently entered the Art Prof’s September Art Dare with my charcoal self-portrait, I thought I’d compare it with the previous A1 graphite pencil self-portrait I’d drawn around 14 years’ ago. But instead I found this charcoal and chalk life-drawing, which I completed a couple of years’ earlier while attending an evening class at my local art college.

Charcoal Sketch
Charcoal and chalk on sugar paper, 1999

I never used to enjoy drawing hands or faces, and would often compose my life-drawings so there was no room for either on my paper. Or, I would leave them until there were just a couple of minutes left, and would draw as little as I could get away with.

With the Art Prof’s charcoal challenge I’ve clearly made a breakthrough in my handling of charcoal and my interpretation of me, not just in capturing a face.

Have you made any breakthroughs in your own art?  Please share in a comment.

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