Watercolour Challenge

My watercolour journey continues with another online resource I just have to share. Since starting with my Daler Rowney Aquafine paints a few weeks’ ago I’ve gradually become more frustrated as I realise how little I know and how hard it is to find the information I want.

If you’re familiar with watercolour, you’ll know how the colours dry with a hard edge; a quality I adore, but also something I’d like to know how to avoid.  My own sketchbook try-outs dried as messy splodges.  Despite my local library’s seemingly abundant stock of watercolour books, the beginner titles I looked through didn’t quite explain the basics of the basics.  Not even Alwyn Crawshaw could explain how to achieve a soft edge in his book Watercolour Painting Course: A Step- by-Step Guide to Success.  Having worked through the first few lessons on applying and mixing paint, for all the writing and demonstrations in the book, there was a fundamental lack of nitty gritty technical detail that I had hoped for.

A quick internet search took me to Dawn McLeod Heim’s very comprehensive Watercolor Painting and Projects website.  An absolute must for beginners, and exactly what I needed.  Following her instructions I have, so far, painted three colour wheels, and was very surprised at the results, achieving oranges, purples and greens I thought I would have to buy.  I am now working through the Beautiful Peace Rose step-by-step project, with… softened watercolour edges!  Yay!

I have yet to perfect a watercolour wash, especially in small shapes, but with practice and Dawn’s comprehensive instructions, mine will become perfect. Why not dip in and see what you discover?

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