Life (Re-)Modelling

My life is an unwritten To Do List.

As I move around my home there are little vignettes of clutter; reminders of things I should be attending to:

  • A pile of drawing and painting books I’ve borrowed from the library – on watercolour and drawing buildings
  • The open sketchbook, watercolour paints and brushes, and basil plant on my desk – I’m trying to paint a basil leaf in various consistencies of Sap Green watercolour for an Anna Mason Art School tutorial
  • Images for Colette Wardrobe Architect Week 2 – for a vision board of my five defining words

Sift through a few shelves and drawers in my studio and you will find:

  • New and half-finished sketchbooks – and diaries and brochures that will also become sketchbooks
  • Pencils, paints and collage materials
  • Knitting yarn, fabric remnants, knitting and sewing patterns
  • Plus loads of inspiration

I’m excited just thinking about the possibilities!  But, I have to be realistic, I have way more than I need and some of these things don’t seem so relevant to me anymore.  But before I embark on another decluttering spree, I want to try something else.  I’d like to start again.  I’d like to craft a new life that reflects the person I want to be, and then see if everything fits.  I have a few ‘roadmaps’ to try, so we’ll see where they take me.

WordPress prompt: The Poetry of List-Making

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