To Do or To Don’t

What is the point of writing a To Do List if you’re going to ignore it? That’s exactly what I did this week, and I’m slightly annoyed with myself.

I’m not a To Do List enthusiast; at least I never was.  The thought of writing down lots of things to do felt more like a list of things I wouldn’t do very well, or wished I had time to do.  It was a reminder of my procrastination habit, the distractions I had welcomed into my life, my lack of self-belief, and my indecision as to what I wanted ‘to do’ with my life.

I still have my last three annual diaries.  Not to muse over, and certainly not to remind me of how productive I was (there are more blank pages than noted accomplishments), but because the A5 paper is of such nice quality I want to use them as sketchbooks!  Now, there’s an idea for a project…

Maybe I’ve missed the point. Maybe a To Do List could provide a little structure for my personal project work.  It could eliminate my ‘blank page syndrome’ when just a couple of empty sketchbook pages leave me fidgeting nervously before I wander off to do some ironing.  I could even set some deadlines to indicate forward progress along my path.

I bought a weekly desk planner a few months ago, and have just got around to using it. Rather than a diary where you literally see the days passing you by (eek!), I thought an undated weekly planner would be better for me because there are no dates attached to it.  Then if I choose to repeat a week, or miss one (shhh, tell no-one), that would work.  So, these past two weeks I set myself a timetable:

Monday – illustration; Tuesday – watercolour; Wednesday – drawing. Repeat for the next three days, and on Sunday I’m free to choose.

With this as an outline, I added a short list of tasks the night before each day, depending on the time I had available (and what housework I needed to do).  But I only stuck with it for just over a week, and even then got distracted more often than I’m going to admit.

How do you ensure you do your To Do List? Please share your tips in a comment.

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10 thoughts on “To Do or To Don’t

  1. I’m afraid that I won’t be of any help. I am a serial To Do List creator but no matter what I try, it never seems to stick. And yet, the joy of accomplishment is so thrilling. So very frustrating! Maybe we need a support group!!!???

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  2. I too am a serial To Do List creator lol some days I complete them. Other days I forget I even wrote one. It all depends on my mood. However if I start the list, I tend to complete it..well I complete most of it, usually after I’ve altered it (to make it easier on me) 😂 but weirdly I still make them, almost daily.


  3. I am guilty of the almighty “to do” list. Some days I have really great outcomes and others is like….NOT! Those “not” days are the ones I realize how much time its going to take and not enough to do…which leads to why bother. Yes I still write one everyday hoping I will accomplish it.

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    1. I can recommend starting with a three-things To-Do List, and when you tick one thing off, you can add another one. You get the thrill of seeing things getting done without the overwhelming feeling of still having loads to do! Maybe I should give this one another try…

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