A Skirting Issue

I write because I want to apologise; I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting you. But the last four months have been brilliant.

When I wrote my April ‘New Year’ resolutions, I set out to be prolifically creative. I had no expectation beyond a regular commitment (and wrote about that here). Just 15 minutes-a-day drawing or painting was enough to say I had begun my journey.

Back then I had a frustrating pencil habit (which you may recall I wrote about here and here). I felt compelled to master graphite drawing before I would allow myself to explore colour. Graphite grey with contrasts of white and black seemed so easy, albeit a bit dull. So, you’ll be surprised to learn I’m now exploring watercolour. I mean, watercolour! It’s not as if I can just paint over my mistakes as I can with acrylics or oils. I’ve also been working on some imaginary character ideas, thanks to a fantastic Craftsy course. But I’ll have to write about that on another occasion.

“You’re making great progress with your art”, said Mr C a few days’ ago. Yay! After what feels like decades of false starts I’m on a path and can only look forward.

So, Wardrobe Architect, I hope this explains why I’ve been neglecting you. I’ve been so focused on building a new version of me from the inside (creative confidence) that I haven’t thought about the new version of me from the outside (personal image). Yet my overstuffed wardrobe is crying out for some breathing space. I mean, do I really need 30 skirts?

Quantity isn’t the only issue. Some of my clothes just don’t fit the personal image I’m creating for myself. They are reminders of previous versions of me, and I would rather leave them behind. So, I’ll make it up to you. I’ll revisit where I left off, and maybe do some watercolour, and graphite, studies of a few skirts, before letting them go. It would be a shame not to.

WordPress prompt: The Things We Leave Behind

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