Watercolour Works

I’ve never been a fan of watercolour painting. To be honest, the technicality of it used to put me off.  I felt frustration at having to leave white areas white, and at having to dilute the paint before I could use it.  The slow progress of literally waiting for paint to dry between each application also tested my patience.  Not an ideal medium for someone with a strong muscle memory for quick gestural lines and scribble!

I do prefer ink for its rich colour and readiness, although the results are quite different. Did you know you could use food colouring as a cheap alternative?  The colours are limited, but they mix well, and they’re fine if you’re working on sketches rather than finished pieces (see top left).  I buy the cheaper artificial ones rather than higher-priced natural food colourings, and I use a small pipette to extract liquid to pop into my palette, or use a clean paintbrush for smaller amounts.  Just make sure you store them with your paints rather than your baking ingredients!

So, why did I decide to give watercolour a try? I love the work of Emma Ball, Anna Mason, Emily Gravett, Oliver Jeffers, and Charlie O’Shields and his Doodlewash blog guests.  Plus, there is no other medium like it.

This past week I’ve been soaking up lots of useful advice from Craftsy.com’s painting blog, and wanted to share some of these with you (with publication dates).

I also joined Anna Mason’s mailing list and online school and am currently attempting my own “Watercolour with Wow” with her free mini paint-a-pear class (free when you sign up to her mailing list). Her online school offers different levels of membership, and she has a couple of Craftsy watercolour classes, too.

Slow progress is better than no progress.

If you’ve discovered any great watercolour blogs, or useful tips online, than please share in a comment.

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6 thoughts on “Watercolour Works

  1. Awesome to hear you’re trying watercolor again…love these paintings! You’re great!!😍 And Anna is wonderful, you’ll love her classes. (and thanks for mentioning me😊That was so sweet!) Still a week to go in #WorldWatercolorMonth so hop right in and join us!

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  2. Watercolour is incredibly frustrating! But I’ve never tried anything that compares to the feel of using it and even though I’ve dabbled in acrylic, pastel, ink, etc. I just keep getting pulled back to the watercolour. There are some really great you tube videos and tutorials on specific aspects and techniques. I’ve found general “how to paint with watercolour” tutorials to be underwhelming but specific demos on how to paint clouds for example can be brilliant. So many different techniques to achieve myriad weather conditions.

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    1. Good tip, I’ll take a look, thank you.

      I’ve just discovered Alwyn Crawshaw’s step-by-step Watercolour Painting Course in my local library. The first exercises are very basic but ideal for starting out, although it’s not as easy as it looks.

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