Making Time

   “Time is priceless; handle it with care.”

Copper Harris

Woohoo! I may have discovered the secrets to making time!

Since I wrote last week’s post, I’ve been wondering why we waste time when we have it, only to mourn it when we don’t.

I’ve volunteered in the kitchen garden of a local museum since January 2013. I wanted to learn about gardening, and usually complete a couple of hours most Saturday mornings. Some weeks I have too many tasks awaiting my attention, but I go anyway. The social aspect is as important to me as learning new skills, techniques, and gardening terminology.

I’m also an occasional volunteer for the educational charity Young Enterprise, and my paid work is a casual part-time contract with anything from zero to 30 hours per week.

Two Saturday’s ago I arrived at the museum garden early, and was set to work pricking-out celeriac seedlings in the large greenhouse. I’d been busy with volunteer and paid work commitments earlier in the week, so my creative time had been short. Yet, thoughts of what I could be doing if I’d stayed at home that morning didn’t surface. I simply looked out onto the garden with a smile, reflecting on how fortunate I was to have a paid job and voluntary work that I absolutely adore. My paid work doesn’t see me working to my full potential, but that’s fine. The pleasure I get from my paid and unpaid work leaves me better able to cope with the nerves I feel when I step into my studio and open my sketchbook, or set-up my easel at life-drawing class.

So, my first secret is embrace an opportunity that captures your interest. Adding a commitment to your personal time doesn’t have to be counter-productive. This has crossed my mind, too. The key is to give what time you are able to, no matter how small or infrequent. In due course, you may find this inspires you, keeps you motivated, or even raises your energy levels.

For me it’s not about having more time, it’s about being creative with the time that I do have. And for that I do some basic planning…

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10 thoughts on “Making Time

  1. “Embrace an opportunity that captures your interest”…I love that, because it’s so true..when we do what we love or are passionate about-we don’t think about time. We’re just in the flow and enjoying ourselves. Thanks for a nice post 🙂

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  2. I loved this post! I am envisioning you surrounded by greenery as the sun is shining down on you! I often struggle with feeling like I am wasting time, especially when I spend hours writing blog posts. I often feel like time would be better spent cleaning or outside. But, since I have not been able to blog for a whole week, I really miss it! You are right in that if you have the opportunity to do something creative it is worth it! I think I may go doodle something now! Thanks for the creative inspiration. 😊

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