Managing Time

“Just because we have unlimited amounts of unscheduled time, doesn’t mean we’re going to use it well. In fact, many people, when faced with open-ended time, will waste it.”

JoAnneh Nagler, Living a More Creative Life on

When life seems to be moving too quickly, it’s easy to blame our busyness on the numerous commitments we collect/are given/must do. But are we really using our own time effectively?

I often wish days would pass me by more slowly. Tasks I think will take one hour stretch out for nearly two. Then the rest of my day is filled with lots of other ‘distractions’ that I tell myself I would rather ignore. The truth is, when I mentally prepare to draw, sketch or sew at home I allow myself to be distracted because I doubt myself, like I have no control over the outcome.

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on developing good habits, since signing up to Crystal Moody’s Year of Good Habits. I’ve done well so far, sketching something most days (I thought it best to start small), albeit in pencil. Although a summer cold has left me with little energy, which I’ve reserved for my ‘must do’ commitments (that is, work) this past week.

So far, I’m managing to suppress my nerves. But pretty soon I’m going to have to stretch my creative muscle beyond the few pencil sketches and mark-making explorations that I’ve allowed myself to do. This challenge is about a whole year’s worth of creative activity, and I’m holding back from playing with colour (although I have no idea why!) despite feeling deflated by the greyness of graphite.

Next month I’ll be plunging into colour as it were because I’ve signed up for #WorldWatercolorMonth, hosted by Doodlewash, and beginning 1 July. And that new watercolour paint box I got for my birthday will be getting its first outing!

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