Life Sketches

I attend a regular life-drawing class at a local art gallery. One hour, a clothed model, a mix of short poses (for warm-ups) and longer ones (for stretching) although most poses are no longer than 30 minutes each.  It’s a great way to wind down at the end of a day at work.

Here are my drawings from last week (two five-minute, and two 20-minute sketches), using my Reeves’ watercolour blocks and Derwent Graphitone pencils.

I’ve been attending this class regularly for over three years now, and used to avoid drawing the model’s face. Looking at these sketches, I still do!

Sometimes my best drawing is one I make in the middle of the session, then my technique falters on the final one, perhaps through over-confidence, or lack of focus. Whatever the outcome, I love the challenge of life-drawing.

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