Five defining words

This week I found two holes in a favourite sweater. A delicate, fine knit of royal blue viscose, with criss-crossing eyelet chevrons and stripes; the kind of plain sweater you don’t need to accessorise.  After 30 minutes or so wondering whether and how I could repair it, I relented and put it in my recycling box for a future project.

I don’t like parting with clothes, they’re like old friends. I’m a patient shopper rather than an impulsive one.  Sometimes I’ll go window-shopping, make a mental note of what I like and how much I think it’s worth/I’d like to pay, and wait. If the discounted price doesn’t meet my expectation, then it wasn’t meant to be. It frustrates me that women’s clothing is designed and manufactured to a price point, rather than reflecting the actual cost of getting it into a store. £60 for a plain polyester blouse?  Really??

I learned to sew, knit and crochet while in primary school and this early understanding of fibres and construction means I’m quite a savvy shopper. I’m just relieved I bought my royal blue fine-knit sweater in the sale (for £20 instead of £40) as I haven’t had much wear out of it.  So, I’ll think about repurposing rather than binning it. A circular scarf, perhaps?

My wardrobe is bursting with ‘old friends’, wearable ones and those that need mending or remodelling. I don’t part with anything easily. So, to help me decide what to keep, I have defined my new core style, as a Wardrobe Architect should, with the following five words:

Chic, Confident, Cosy, Playful, Vintage

I don’t have to tackle my own wardrobe just yet, but I wonder how many ‘old friends’ will still be hanging around in a few months’ time.

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