“Getting started is habitual, the same as procrastinating and avoidance.”

Lee Crutchley, in The Art of Getting Started.

I’d like to be prolifically creative, but my procrastination habit is slowing me down.

By calling it a habit, it sounds simple to resolve. Like I’m just lazy and excusing my indecisiveness (a cause) and inactivity (an effect) for not making much art. But, by definition, habits are learned behaviour, and anyone who has ever tried to eliminate a bad habit will understand they’re not that easy to turn off.

So, I’ve joined the #100DayProject. Starting Tuesday 19 April 2016, I’ve challenged myself to draw every day for 100 days.

I’ll write about my project next week, and will share my progress on here, too. 100 days feels like a big commitment, but the point is to just turn up and do something. For me, it’s about breaking a bad habit, and replacing it with a shiny new one. It’s not about the outcome, and that’s why I’ve been getting in a muddle over these last few years!

The post #100DayProject first appeared on Filbert & Smudge.


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