Becoming a Wardrobe Architect

I have way too many clothes. Maybe that should read: I have way too many neglected clothes, because I tend to default to the same dull, boring outfits when I’m not working.

I long for a capsule wardrobe of stuff that I’ll actually wear. Just a few carefully chosen garments that go well together and I can rely on, to make me feel good about myself. But I’d also like to explore an undiscovered me, the confident creative I imagined I’d become. And redefining my outfits might just work.

Sarai Mitnick, founder of Colette Patterns, asks “…How might my wardrobe better reflect who I am?” in the story behind The Wardrobe Architect. If I want to change my own reflection, it makes sense to try crafting a new wardrobe which befits the new version of me.

So far I’ve worked through Week One, where you explore what makes you individual, and I’m working through Week Two, which helps you define your own style, or in my case, the style of the person I’d like to become.

I’m looking forward to giving my neglected clothes a public airing.  And by crafting a new wardrobe, I’m hoping to rediscover my love of dressmaking too.

Even if you’re not a sewer, take a look at The Wardrobe Architect, and you never know who you’ll discover.

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